A mentor of mine, that came into my life about a decade ago, helped me to come up with this slogan for my business. I was explaining to him that I wanted to support individuals to create a life of health and fitness for themselves, but that I wanted to do it a little differently.

My goal was to incorporate the mindset aspect of health and fitness, because I realized back then that losing weight and getting fit has to do with more than just having the right diet and exercise strategy.

Success comes from a deeper transformation in the mind. I understood that once the mind is on board – once individuals are able to let go of mental obstacles holding them back – then it will become much easier for them to reach their goals, and to maintain their results.

After my mentor listened to me explaining this philosophy, he sat back, smiled, and said ‘I’ve got it Dan. The perfect tagline for you: “Exercise your mind to make your body fit”!’

We were both so excited about this perfect tagline that I went out the very next day and had t-shirts printed to give to all my friends and clients. My best friend Richard said he wore the shirt proudly wherever he went, and someone at the Los Angeles Airport actually approached him to find out what it meant!:-)

You see, when it comes to getting fit and losing weight, we have all been taught to believe that we need to exercise first, and then results will follow. But this is only half of the picture.

The first step is to work on your mindset. Everything really starts with the mind. Even your idea of wanting to get fit and lose weight was a thought and a decision that you made in your mind first, and then decided to follow up by taking action and starting an exercise program.

In other words, if you can create a strong mindset, and learn how to motivate yourself, it will become easier and easier to take the physical actions you need to take. Not only to achieve your goals, but also to be able to sustain what you have achieved for the rest of your life.

I can support you in creating a life of health and fitness for yourself, by incorporating mindset training into your diet and exercise program. Just send me a private message, and I will help you get started on the road to achieving your goals.

Thanks for being here with me, and remember, always “Exercise your mind to make your body fit”.